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"From such withdraw" is a command similar to many other commands in the Bible.  Job 28:28 states that wisdom is the fear of the Lord and understanding is to depart from evil.  To be sanctified and separated from evil is the goal of the Christian life.  I Timothy 6:3-5 states that the Word of Christ commands us to withdraw from all people professing Christ who refuse to teach exactly what Christ commands in verses 1 and 2.  St. Paul and St. Peter both insist that even evil slave masters are to be highly honored and obeyed because Christ commands it.  The words "from such" includes all professors who fail to require honor and obedience be given to all those whom Christ has chosen to bestow his authority on.  Jesus Christ has given husbands the authority and the duty to command their wives.  Jesus Christ gives the authority and the duty to Kings and civil magistrates to command the people in their jurisdiction. He has likewise given authority and duty to parents to command their children.  We know this to be true because Jesus said in Matthew 28:28: "All authority in heaven and earth is given unto me...  teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."

    The United States of America celebrates its birthday on the 4th of July.  Abraham Lincoln said in his Gettysburg address that in 1776 our nation was conceived in liberty.  However in 1775 and 1776 John Wesley and his appointed successor John Fletcher both wrote extensively arguing against Lincoln's position.  In "American Patriotism Farther Confronted"  Fletcher writes in the second sentence of his preface: "The duty of paying taxes to the protective power, is so strongly connected with Christianity, that the Colonists must practically give up the Scriptures, or submit to the reasonable demands of the British legislature."  Likewise in his "Vindication of Wesley's Calm Address" he states that the principles the colonists were contending for were unscriptural.  John Wesley in his "A Calm Address to our American Colonies"  concludes that the liberty the Colonists were fighting for was liberty from God and His Law.

    John Henry Hopkins the head bishop of the Episcopal Church wrote in 1864 that the subversion of the scriptural, ecclesiastical and historical teaching on the righteousness of the Master/slave relationship in this country began with the anti-Christian sentiments found in the Declaration of Independence.  In the Declaration of Independence a direct attack on the authority of Christ is made.  America has laid its foundation on the principle that all authority to command another person comes through the consent of the person being commanded.  This principle gives the person being commanded authority over the one commanding.  This is a satanic perversion of the  authority that Christ imparts to the husband, father, king, and slave master etc.  When one considers the huge influence that the Freemasons exerted over the founding of the United States and that many denominations of Christians have insisted that Masons worship Satan it is not hard to figure out that this country is founded on a principle that completely reverses God's order of authority.  The Colonist's motto was "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God."  Jesus said: "Take up your cross daily and follow me."  These two statements are in direct opposition to each other.

     Please read the following rebukes against the Colonists by the first two leaders of the methodist church.  If Wesley and Fletcher are right then the principles of a leveling democracy we have been and continue to fight for are subversive of orthodox Christianity.  We must confess the sins of our fathers and put our faith in the "blood of Christ which redeems us from the vain conversation received by tradition from our fathers."

- Peter S. Helland -

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